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JC-GDW410 Temperature test chamber
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JC-GDW410 Appearance:

Electrical control I/O function diagram:


JC-GDW410 motor high and low temperature test box can simulate the adaptability test of test sample under the condition of temperature and humidity change, and provide the reliability test and product screening for the safety test of electronic components.
Use condition:
       The ground is level and well ventilated, without inflammable, explosive, corrosive gas and dust
       There are no strong electromagnetic radiation sources nearby
       Site bearing capacity: no less than 800kg/m2
       Adequate maintenance space is maintained around the equipment.
       Temperature: 5 ~ 38 DEG C
       Relative humidity: less than 85%RH
       Air pressure: 86 ~ 106kpa
       Power supply: AC380V three-phase four wire + protective grounding wire;
       Voltage fluctuation range: AC 380 V + 10%
       Frequency fluctuation range: 50 + 1Hz
       Protection ground wire resistance is less than 4 ohms
       At the installation site for air or power switch device configuration of the corresponding capacity, and the switch is independent of the equipment used for connecting Shanghai, Jie Chen is responsible for the peripheral equipment water and power;
      Power capacity: 6.6KVA
The structure of JC-GDW410:
      The high and low temperature test box of JC-GDW410 motor is designed as an integral composite structure. The front of the box is the front door of the box, and the refrigerating unit is installed in the mechanical room at the back of the tank, the air cooling condenser, the forward wind and the rear air. The controller and the over temperature protection setting device and the lighting switch are arranged on the control panel.
      Outer wall material: 1.5mm cold rolled steel plate, sprayed with surface (pure white);
      Inner wall material: 1.2mm SUS304 stainless steel plate;
      Thermal insulation material: 125mm rigid polyurethane foam + superfine glass fiber;
      Bearing capacity: 100Kg/m2 (uniform load);
      Single open door hinge: hinge in the box on the left side (facing the box), the door inside by temperature resistant silicone rubber seal and anti condensation heating device, the door below the water pan, prevent the condensed water door wall low on the ground outside. On the door heat distribution, anti condensation hollow glass observation window (W400 * H500mm), the observation window is composed of multilayer insulating glass, the electric heating film can prevent the glass surface condensation and frost.
      JC-GDW410 high and low temperature test box at the back of the air circulation channel, from the upper and lower air supply, the passage of the installation of centrifugal fan, heater, refrigeration evaporator, drainage devices.
The unit box includes refrigeration unit, water supply and drainage device, fan and so on.
Total power supply, leakage circuit breaker, controller, power distribution board, heat radiation fan.
      Sample rack: 2 layers (SUS304), bearing 25Kg/ layer (uniformly distributed load).
      Lead hole: diameter 80mm Phi 1 (each with silicone rubber sealing plug 1).
      Location: lead hole center distance in the bottom of 450mm, horizontal uniform layout.
      Lights: 1 moisture-proof lamp 20W/DC24V, independent switch control.
      Casters: four casters can be installed to facilitate the movement of the box.
Heating system:
      Nickel chromium alloy electrothermal wire heater.
      The selection of high heat and corrosion resistant stainless steel plate and high quality nickel chromium alloy heating wire, a unique production process and the detection of advanced and refined, with fast heating, uniform cooling, reliable work, long service life and convenient installation.
Solid state relay (SSR) is used for contactless zero crossing triggering, driving heater work, no contact spark and noise, and long service life.
Anti integral saturation PID control heating power to achieve continuous adjustable power.
Refrigeration system:
      Structure: the refrigeration system is located in the lower part of the equipment unit, and the surrounding plate can be disassembled. The structure is compact, the layout is reasonable, and easy to maintain and maintain.
      How to work: mechanical compression refrigeration
      Evaporator: fin heat exchanger
      Condenser: air-cooled condenser
      Throttling device: capillary
      Refrigerant: environmental protection refrigerant R404a
      Cooling mode: air cooling
      The cooling pipe is made of high quality oxygen free copper tube, and the bottom of the welding compressor is protected by nitrogen charging. Vibration damping spring and rubber pad are installed to reduce the vibration of compressor
The cooling pipe is fixed with a special nylon tube clamp to avoid pipe deformation and leakage due to compressor vibration
The lower part of the compressor is equipped with a stainless steel water collecting disc, which is centrally discharged to prevent the condensate from flowing freely
The box panel of the unit is covered with honeycomb sound absorption cotton to reduce the spread of noise
       7 inches wide LCD touch screen, two R & D control software. The control interface is displayed in all Chinese, and input in both Chinese and English, with clear display of Chinese warning. Equipped with 32 digital I/O module and 2 way analog I/O module, it has 9 zone high-precision PID operation function, and can carry out 3 self-tuning, to achieve precise control of temperature and humidity, and good temperature and humidity stability effect.
Stored 1000 program curves, each curve can be set up 100 steps, 6 groups of small cycles, and 10 different procedures can be connected to support the process file backup and import function.
       The controller PID+PWM outputs automatic control of heating and cooling power, and automatically adjusts cold output at normal temperature and low temperature to achieve temperature balance without heating. The compressor start and stop controller is automatically identified without manual setting;
At high temperature, the controller PID automatically regulates the heating output;
The controller is partitioned PID and has self-tuning function.
Energy-saving measures:

       Balanced temperature regulation (BTHC) high precision temperature control system, design hot gas bypass energy-saving and suction cooling bypass protection compressor safety. The DCU.ACU input and output control module of the control system automatically adjusts the opening and operating conditions of the refrigerator according to the test conditions.

Communication function:

       RJ45 or RS232 interface, connect computer or access local area network, can realize on-line data transmission and remote monitoring debugging function, can also connect with 16 test boxes by router, and realize remote monitoring.
USB function:
       With advanced USB2.0 interface, can be connected with a keyboard, mouse, printer and U disk, can be stored in the test curve data controller is transferred to U disk, can also be directly displayed by computer and print the test data / curve.
Subsidiary function:
       Fault alarm and causes, processing prompt function, power failure protection function, upper and lower temperature protection function, timing function (automatic start and automatic stop operation), self diagnostic function.
Safety protection device:
       Total power supply phase sequence and phase failure protection
       Leakage protection
      Adjustable over temperature protection
      Reliable earthing and leakage protection function
      Blower overload / over heat protection
      Heater break protection function
      Overpressure protection of compressor
      Overcurrent protection of compressor motor
      Overheat protection of compressor motor