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     Software training course:
     Shanghai Jie Chen software provides all the standard courses and programmes
     Standard software training course:
     The training course includes standard software based training for new users and applications for training experienced users, Shanghai Jie Chen can separate user training according to the requirements of users.
     Customized software training courses:
     Train the user according to the user's model and specific project objectives. The training is regarded as a separate project, therefore, the training content, duration and price will be defined according to different needs and requirements. Shanghai Jie Chen will provide a separate project proposal according to customer demand.
     How do I sign up?
     If you need to apply for public training, please find the relevant courses on the web site, click the registration. For the first time on the web site to enroll in the course, please register before registration.
     What is included in the training fee?
     The training fee includes printing materials or production costs of PDF materials, lunch and refreshment expenses.
     Training location?
     Most of our training is in Shanghai, and the specific location and training schedule will be sent to you at least three weeks in advance.
     Training time?
     Open training time is generally 9:00 in the morning, the end time is generally 5:00 pm