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     Shanghai Jie Chen Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. is relying on a technical team of Shanghai Jiao tong University as the background, research, design, sales,customer service and system integration for the integration of high-tech enterprises.
     Jie Chen was founded in Shanghai in March 2013. Electric vehicle and powertrain and vehicle development platform for the realization of hybrid electric vehicle powertrain system and vehicle full functional level professional, including system integration, system performance testing and verification, powertrain and vehicle electronic control system development, hardware in the loop simulation,control strategy development and validation, calibration, research and the new energy motor and controller.
     Providea complete set of motor test bench, battery simulator, special solutions of variable frequency drive controller and engine test bench and vehicle dynamometer test and motor, engine and vehicle NVH test and performance testfor business, as well as the relevant testing system and equipment manufacturing business.
     Jie Chen can provide customers with two national automotive engineering technology R & D center hardware services to meet the different needs of customers:
     Chengdu national automotive engineering technology research and development center, hasa great many dynamometer bench test rooms.
     Wuxin ational automotive engineering technology R & D center, contains a large number of new energy labs and engine test rooms, as well as several vehicletest rooms.
     Jie Chen has advanced management and R & D design team, strong technical innovation ability, innovation performance significantly.
     Now the Corun, Lusida, Yunnei, Geely, SAIC and other well-known domestic enterprises to provide technology and equipment integration services and turnkey projects, and R & D center construction planning and design, and provides a set of design consulting services.
     The next five years, our company is a stageof rapid development, we will accelerate the introduction of high-end talent training and their own talent, the integration of domestic and foreign technology, become the enterprise of new energy power, the domestic first-class internationally renowned engine, powertrain, development, and test system forvehicle and equipment production, technology, consulting.