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JC-DSL-30K Electromotor cooling system
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JC-DSL-30K Appearance:

JC-DSL-30K Operation interface:

Temperature versus time curve:

The principle of JC-DSL-30K water cooling system:

Temperature index requirement:
Range of temperature regulation: 5 ~130
Temperature control accuracy: less than 1 DEG C
Temperature control mode: two motors, temperature control separately
Flow index requirement:
Flow regulation range: 0 40L/min
Flow control accuracy: + 0.2L/min
Flow control mode: two motors, flow control alone
Pressure index requirement:
Pressure regulation range: 0 250kp (common pressure 50 100KP)
Pressure control accuracy: + 2kp
Cooling medium:
A suitable proportion of water and glycol mixtures
Working model:
Local and remote manual / automatic control can be achieved;
Main parts accuracy requirements: water tank and pipeline: pressure 1.5MP
Pressure sensor accuracy: + 0.1%
Flow sensor accuracy: + 0.25%
Temperature sensor: + 0.2
Heaters: 9kw resistance to dry firing heaters.
Refrigeration compressor unit:
JC-DSL-30K dual motor dual temperature cooling water test system of refrigeration compressor by low-temperature refrigeration compressor, evaporator, condenser and corresponding auxiliary parts of the refrigeration system for the equipment to provide 3 ~ 30kW above the constant cold source, and by the temperature sensor inside the water tank, upload to the temperature controller, temperature controller control by adjusting the output power of the compressor, so that the temperature of the water tank is always controlled at a lower temperature range. The temperature range of the water tank is within 5~130 DEG C, and the temperature value can also be set by an upper computer or an artificial body.
      The compressor refrigeration cycle, heat bypass and spray cooling three loop combination with intelligent controller, temperature and pressure regulation of gas compressor of road section, so that the compressor can directly realize refrigeration cycle under high temperature.
Circulating water tank:
The cooling water tank is connected with the circulating water tank through a refrigerating water pump and a pipeline. The circulating water tank is made of stainless steel and consists of a temperature sensor, a liquid level transmitter, an agitator, and the like. The circulating water tank detects the internal change through the temperature sensor and is uploaded to the temperature controller, and the temperature of the circulating water tank is controlled by the temperature controller to control the flow rate of the cooling water pump through a frequency converter. The circulating water tank is connected with the automobile motor through an external circulating water pump, and provides cooling medium for various kinds of temperature for the automobile motor.
External circulating water pump:
The outer circulating water pump is a high temperature resistant vortex pump with a pressure of 0.1~0.3MPa and a flow rate of 2 to 40L/min. The flow sensor is installed at the outlet of the external circulating water pump. The speed of the pump is controlled by the transducer according to the flow sensor data and the controller setting parameters, and the output flow of the water pump is adjusted accurately.
Temperature control system:
The temperature control system is used to control the temperature of each temperature control point, including the energy storage tank temperature, the temperature of the external circulating water tank, the motor temperature and the return water temperature. Temperature control system uses PT100 armored temperature sensor for temperature data acquisition, and uses PLC controller as temperature controller to automatically control temperature of all nodes in the whole system.
The controller is used for state awareness, setting operation parameters, controlling device opening and stopping, controlling linkage, controlling auxiliary equipment function, etc., including liquid level sensor, mixer, etc.. The two modes of operation are switched by the controller.
Thermal insulation facilities:
JC-DSL-30K dual motor dual temperature cooling water system adopts double vacuum plus foam insulation measures and strict insulation of all cryogenic pipes, to ensure energy efficient.
Rapid cooling control:
Direct cooling design using JC-DSL-30K dual motor dual temperature cooling water test system, compressor can meet at 5 to 130 DEG C direct refrigeration, and obtain a large amount of cold quantity, while keeping the outer circulation water tank less water in operation, can accurately control the temperature. When the system is in high temperature conditions require refrigeration compressor, refrigeration solenoid valve and spray cooling valve open at the same time, bypass solenoid valve is closed, the refrigeration refrigeration solenoid valve, solenoid valve spray cooling compressor return pipe; when the system is in normal condition of refrigeration, refrigeration electromagnetic valve is opened to spray solenoid valve and bypass solenoid when the valve is closed; the heating system, bypass solenoid valve open, open the heater, liquid jet refrigeration solenoid valve and solenoid valve closed. Through the precise cooperation of these three electromagnetic valves, the rapid cooling function of the compressor unit is realized.
Flow and pressure control:
JC-DSL-30K dual motor dual temperature cooling water system adopts inverter control circulating pump water supply pressure and flow.
Remote control:
The temperature value, the temperature conversion rate and the flow value can be set remotely and programmed according to the setting curve (such as the temperature variation curve with time in Figure 1), and the temperature, flow value and pressure value can be read in real time.

Communication mode:

RS485 (CAN or Ethernet) communication interface and provide communication protocol
Remote setting parameters (pressure, flow, temperature, etc.)
Temperature, pressure, flow and other data acquisition and output function

Protective measures:
Install relief valve, exhaust valve and other protective measures;
There are fluid injection, liquid level monitoring and fault alarm functions.