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JC-DCM200 Battery simulator
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JC-DCM200 Appearance:

DC source - universal mode interface:

Cell type preview curve:

Electric energy measurement:

Engineering example:

JC-DCM200 Battery simulator principle:

        JC-DCM200 battery simulator block diagram as shown below, DC source mainly consists of two parts: main circuit and control circuit.
        The main circuit of the battery simulator is composed of a four quadrant rectifier circuit and a bidirectional DC/DC circuit. The AC input obtains the DC voltage through the rectifier, and then the adjustable DC voltage and the direct current are obtained through the DC/DC circuit. The communication interface is mainly for the exchange of information between the host computer and the lower computer, so as to check the working point of the DC source.

Product overview:
     The DC output characteristic of JC-DCM200 has the characteristics of high precision and high dynamic response, and has the function of bidirectional network feedback energy. With full digital control, the control precision is high, the response speed is fast, and the output adjustment range is wide.
     The output has programmable functions, and can be used in a variety of test situations through different control software. It can simulate many battery output characteristics and user-defined cell characteristic curve. Mainly used in the electric vehicle drive motor (controller) testing, energy storage inverter testing, electric car two-way charger test, etc..
     Simulation of power battery for electric vehicle motor controller input input power, output current, overload capacity, pressure and motor efficiency, torque current, maximum speed, speeding, feeding performance simulation. The energy of back electromotive force in the motor overspeed test can be fed back to the power grid in real time to avoid the damage of the controller. Meet the requirements of the power supply in the motor test of the motor and its controller in the GB/T18488.1-2015 standard.
JC-DCM200 Function and characteristics:
     Using multilevel transform, IGBT circuit, pure digital power supply, leading technology;
     The energy feedback power grid; power load, also has two characteristics, have the characteristic of high power DC power supply, load function to realize energy feedback power grid, has outstanding advantages of energy saving, green environmental protection; in the electric vehicle motor test without load energy consumption, real-time reverse current feedback power grid;
     The product circuit structure adopts PWM rectifier and DC/DC double stage circuit, which can realize wide voltage range, high precision and fast dynamic response. The voltage precision is less than or equal to 0.1%;
     PWM rectifier +PWM inverter principle, power factor >0.99. The THD and the injected harmonic currents satisfy the national standard GB/T 14549-93;
     The output has constant voltage, constant current and constant power mode;
     It has the functions of local operation and host computer operation. It is equipped with upper computer software and external communication function;
     Strict system thermal design, low temperature rise, long life;
     Large screen LCD display, Multilingual Settings, multiple communication interfaces;
     Programmable protection and operating parameters;
     Multiple parallel machines.

Using environment:
       The JC-DCM200 series battery simulator is an indoor power source that meets the IP21 protection level and is suitable for installation in dry and dusty environments.
       The ground must ensure the level, stability and safety of the installation of the JC-DCM200 series battery simulators. JC-DCM200 mechanical size is 1300 x 1150 x 2300mm (wide x deep x high), the weight is about 1600kg, therefore, the foundation must have capacity to support the weight of the battery simulator and enough space to put the battery simulator.        According to the size of the battery simulator, the user marks the location of the battery simulator on the ground. On the space front, the space of the 100cm shall be secured so that the front door can be fully opened, and the back shall ensure that the space and top of the 80cm shall be secured with 60cm space for ease of heat dissipation and maintenance.
       Please ensure that the ambient temperature is in the range of 0 degrees centigrade to 40 degrees centigrade.
       According to EMC and noise level, the battery simulator is used in industrial environment and the installation site is as far away from the living area as possible.