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JC-C200 coolant control system
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Functional overview:
     The temperature of the coolant has a significant influence on the thermodynamic and mechanical properties of the internal combustion engine. Only when the engine coolant temperature is accurately controlled, the test bench can reproduce the test results, thus effectively explaining and explaining the behavior and performance of the engine, and ensuring the effective operation of the platform.
     In order to realize the control of engine coolant temperature and regulation, according to Chen Jie engine test years of industry experience, design a antifreeze thermostat JC-C, more realistic simulation of vehicle engine running through two engine side heat exchanger, water pump equipment to eliminate the influence of pressure on the import and export of engine pump. The engine temperature control has better dynamic response.
     JC-C antifreeze temperature control system can be directly connected to the engine, the antifreeze temperature control, but also with the two heat exchanger module, antifreeze temperature control, flexible application.
     The type of external cooling medium temperature change antifreeze unit (with the lower temperature of frozen water), together with the two heat exchange device, can realize the thermal shock test requirements specified in national standard GB/T 19055.

The engine coolant control system JC-C200 can be used to adjust the temperature of the coolant, which can meet the needs of the 250kW diesel engine bench test.