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JC-KZJ03 Quick-acting clamp
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JC-KZJ03 Quick-acting clamp:

Engineering example:

Overview of JC-KZJ03 clamping mechanism:
       JC-ZKJ03 includes: screw compression mechanism, self centering V groove, guide support column, height adjustment hydraulic cylinder, guide bolt, hydraulic drive system and fixed support.
       The screw pressing mechanism is installed in the centering V groove, the guide support column is installed on the fixed support, and the upper part is connected with the centering V groove. The height adjustment hydraulic cylinder is installed at the bottom of the centering V trough, and is connected with the hydraulic drive system. The photoelectric sensor is arranged at the top position of the hydraulic driving system, and the guide bolt is arranged on the fixed support.
       JC-ZKJ03 quick clamping mechanism can achieve fast and accurate clamping, full automatic control, without manual intervention, very convenient disassembly, high reliability, strong practicability, greatly improve the test efficiency, improve the working environment of the operation personnel, propose a test platform for the test of similar products.