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JC-DL01electromotor powertrain room
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Performance curve of JC-DL01 new energy powertrain test system:

Main parameters of JC-DL01 new energy powertrain test system:

Speed measurement accuracy: + 1r/min
Torque measurement accuracy: + 0.2%FS (domestic torque sensor), + 0.1%FS (import torque sensor)
Speed control accuracy: + 4r/min (constant speed control mode)
Torque control accuracy: + 0.2%FSR
Dynamic response speed: < 5ms
Power handling: energy feedback to the grid without interference, energy consumption of the resistance box, limited power energy, no interference feedback to the grid + resistance box consumption.
JC-DL01 new energy powertrain experimental system, the only need to supply power due to mechanical friction and loss of electronic components into the heat of the power, you can make the system running.
High precision two-way feedback type battery simulator (or optional DC power supply cabinet) has constant voltage, constant current, constant power mode, which can simulate the commonly used lithium manganese oxide, lithium cobalt oxide, lithium iron phosphate, lead-acid battery, battery types, the output characteristics of the battery charge and discharge (power allows the user to choose a simulated battery the type, number, number of series parallel and SOC index, so as to simulate the cell output characteristics, including the battery discharge process of battery internal resistance characteristics of the process of change, but also) of the electric vehicle motor controller input power, output current, overload capacity, pressure and motor efficiency, torque current, maximum speed speeding and feed performance simulation. The electric energy in the motor overspeed test can be fed back to the power grid in real time to avoid the damage of the controller.
Transmission shift mode (complete automation of test process): manual shift, pneumatic automatic shift manipulator, soft shift, control TCU shift by CAN bus, shift with CANape or INCA environment.
The new energy power JC-DL01 assembly experiment system of inertia simulation: Shanghai Jie Chen provide inertia and mechanical inertia simulation in two ways for the user to choose.
The new energy power JC-DL01 assembly experiment system of four quadrant operation, with transient loading, anti drag switch, dynamic stall, load startup and other functions, can accurate closed-loop control drive dynamometer and load power dynamometer in steady and dynamic conditions of speed, torque, power. It can be operated for a long time under the 100% rated torque maximum torque range of the dynamometer motor.
Double closed loop control, each control mode switching without disturbance, speed and torque control stable and fast. Including torque given control and speed given control, the motor loading process stepless adjustment, smooth, no impact, unloading can not be dragged back, automatically stop the failure of the protection. Driving and loading have chain function, once the drive or load failure, they will interlock to stop, effectively prevent the constant torque speed phenomenon.
Power dynamometer operating characteristics: 0 - rated speed: constant torque operation characteristics, rated speed - maximum speed: constant power operation characteristics.
Test power range: 0--600kw
Test speed range: 0 - 10000r/min

JC-DL01 system control mode: