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JC-K2 IGBT module
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JC-K2 controller appearance:

Internal structure

Schematic diagram

JC-K2 series controller performance requirements:
Rated voltage VCES: consider the full battery voltage, parasitic inductance, di/dt and other effects, generally more than two times the voltage of the battery
Rated current IC: consider the peak power of the motor
Working frequency: VCEsat is required to be positive temperature coefficient, as low as possible, turn off the good soft
Safe working area: short circuit resistance, high RBSOA, better have certain avalanche resistance
Tjmax is more than or equal to 150 DEG C
The module has low thermal resistance and large heat capacity
Reliability requirements for JC-K2 series controllers:
Test items, test conditions and requirements:
Temperature cycling (TC) -40 to 125 DEG C, cycles = 1000
Thermal shock test (TS) -40 to 125 DEG C, cycles = 100
Mechanical vibration (MV) = 10g, 2hrs per axis (x, y, z)
Mechanical shock (MS) 3 times more than 100g, each direction (+ X, + y, + Z)
High temperature storage (HTS) Ta=150 C = 1000hrs
Low temperature storage (LTS) Ta=-40 C = 1000hrs
High temperature reverse bias (HTRB) = 1000hrs, 80% VCES, VGE=0, Tj=150 C
High temperature gate bias (HTGB) = 1000hrs, Tj=150 C
High temperature and high humidity storage (H3TRB) = 1000 hrs, RH=85%, 80%VCES, Ta=85 C, 100V Max
The pressure cooker test (AC) = 96hr, 15psig, RH=100%, Ta=121 C
Power cycle (PC) Tj=100K, cycles = 30000
The JC-K2 system is applied to the pure electric bus vehicle control, which is composed of high-power IGBT module, excellent cooling and cooling system, and motor drive control panel. The utility model has the characteristics of fast response, stable control operation and no maintenance.

JC-K2 system is applied to the control of a pure electric bus, which is composed of a high power IGBT module, an excellent cooling and cooling system, and a motor drive control panel. It has the characteristics of fast response speed, stable operation and maintenance free.