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JC-YWS060 Salt spray test chamber
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JC-YWS060 Appearance:

Structural design:
JC-YWS060 motor salt fog test box shape design beautiful, reasonable structure, smooth lines, natural and smooth. The shell adopts high quality flame retardant PP plastic board, durable temperature greater than 85 DEG C, between the board and the board of the joint by planing and milling after a 90 degree angle, then using the high temperature molten plastic welding torch welding wire fill, after cooling solid weld, the whole body of the joint box formation, compact structure, glossy appearance, various auxiliary the same accessories for corrosion resistant material production.
   The box cover material is flame retardant high quality PP plate. The front and rear observation windows can observe the specimen condition from the outside without affecting the test result. Moreover, the lid of the case is designed to be the best angle of 110 degrees, so that the condensed water produced during the test will not drip onto the sample and affect the test result. The box lid and the case are sealed with water to prevent the overflow of salt fog, thus affecting the test result and damage to other equipments in the room and even to the operator. The box cover is opened automatically with the cylinder, convenient and comfortable. The opening angle is about 80 degrees, the air source can be compressed air, and the pressure is 0.4 mpa.
   Brine tank: the hidden structure, with drainage valve, easy to clean.
   Saturated barrel: SUS304 high quality stainless steel pipe welding, high temperature and high pressure performance. The Henry's law, by heating and humidifying, and provide the required humidity test chamber sample holder according to the national standard design into O type and V type on the two floor at 15 degrees and 30 degrees tilt, also can use the hook way. V type is made of PP material, O type bracket adopts stainless steel tube outer cover, heat shrinkable PVC film, high strength and corrosion resistance.
   Bottom: use 4 high universal casters, can be fixed and adjustable level.
Heating and control system:
   Intelligent high precision digital display PID microcomputer controller
   The control accuracy is: + 0.1
   The box body is heated with an inner trough type heating method, and the temperature rise is fast, and the temperature and humidity distribution is even. The temperature fluctuations in the chamber after the constant temperature are even smaller. U type corrosion resistant titanium alloy high temperature heating electric tube is adopted
   Temperature sensor: imported anti-corrosion type PT100 platinum resistance thermometer
   Time controller: test total time setting range: 0-9999 hours \ minutes \ seconds set at any time;
   Clearance setting time range: 0-99 hours \ minutes \ seconds set at any time
   High quality electrical components: France "Schneider" executive components
   Test case lack of water protection and indication alarm
   Test case over temperature protection and indication alarm
   Test operation instruction
   End of test instruction and alarm
Spray system:
   Pneumatic spray mode, air pressure regulation for two stage pressure regulation: one is intake pressure, the general regulation is 0.2~0.3MPa; the two stage is spray pressure, the general regulation is 0.07~0.17MPa;
The spraying method is made of an inner glass nozzle and placed in a round plastic tube. The spray is guided by the tower tube and then dispersed into the laboratory by cone type disperser;
   The brine before spraying is injected into the spray tower through the brine storage tank;
   With no crystal nozzle, atomized and dispersed evenly and dispersed freely, the height of the top of the sprayer can be adjusted, the salt fog is guided, the particles are small and the natural sedimentation is made;
   Special quartz glass nozzle, salt free crystallization;
   The spray gas is first filtered and regulated by the oil-water separator after the oil and water filter is regulated, and then enters the saturated cylinder for preheating and humidifying, and then reaches the nozzle through an electromagnetic valve and a pressure regulating valve;
   The brine tank is built-in, hidden and has large storage capacity;
   Before the brine is atomized, filter through the sand core filter to avoid the blockage of the nozzle;
   The laboratory placed two standard mist collecting funnel, a box body connected to the cylinder through the pipeline, to monitor the settlement at any time;
Random data and accessories:
    Manual, circuit diagram, certificate and warranty card;
    Operation methods, precautions and maintenance items;
Equipment condition:
    Ambient temperature: the temperature of 5 DEG C 28; humidity: less than 85%; good ventilation (the best single room, good ventilation or exhaust fan, a distance of 1 meters in the sewer and waste gas wastewater)
    Gas source requirements: pressure is greater than 0.4MPa, rated exhaust volume is greater than 0.3m3/ minutes, the equipment left with Phi 8mm quick connector
    Water requirements: there is tap water nearby, it is convenient to add water and rinse the equipment, with distilled water or deionized water
    Power requirements: equipment power cord 3 m 7kW AC380 (+ 10%) V/50HZ three-phase five wire system;