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JC-WF150 Waterproof test box
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JC-WF150 Appearance:

Product mix:
The bottom of the machine is equipped with high quality and fixed type PU movable wheel and support foot. It can move and fix the machine conveniently;
The sample rack is made of SUS304 2B stainless steel grid plate and equipped with returnable tie tape for fixing samples;
The lift of sample rack adopts stepping motor electric lifting mechanism;
The water level is controlled by electromagnetic valve and equipped with water filter at the inlet;
The tank is equipped with a stainless steel drain valve, bore 32mm.
Control system:
JC-WF150 motor waterproof test box control system adopts imported LCD touch screen +PLC can automatically control the immersion depth and test time, test time when equipment alarm prompt test personnel to prompt the immersion test time may proceed to the next test procedure, and the specimen sample holder automatically rises;
Equipment is equipped with three color light alarm light;
Protection system:
Overall equipment phase / reverse phase;
Overall equipment timing;
Overall equipment leakage protection.
Equipment condition:
The environmental humidity: less than 85%
• power requirements: AC380 (+ 10%) V/50HZ three-phase five wire system (equipment power supply >3 meters)
• pre installed capacity: about 5KW
Random data and attachments:
Qualification certificate, warranty card and circuit diagram, instruction manual: operation method, precautions, delivery parts, maintenance items.