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JC-DF1000 Dustproof test chamber
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JC-DF1000 Appearance:

Operation interface:

Product description:
JC-DF1000 motor dust proof test case according to national standard:
GB 4208-2008 (IEC 60529),
GB 2423.37-2006
Test L: sand dust test La2 (IEC60068-2-68)
GB/T 30038-2013 (ISO, 20653:2006)
GB/T 10485-2007 (ISO/DIS 12346)
GB/T 4942.1-2006 (IEC 60034-5)
GB 7000.1 (IEC 60598-1) and a series of related shell protection grades.
It is designed and developed with reasonable design, simple operation and easy maintenance. All the indexes meet the national standard.
JC-DF1000 series dustproof test device (dust box, dust box) is used to test the shell sealing performance of product. It is mainly used in the test of IP5X and IP6X two grades in the standard of protection grade of shell.
Product mix:
JC-DF1000 motor dustproof test box is made of high quality material. It is processed and molded with advanced processing equipment. The surface of the shell is sprayed with plastics. It is beautiful and smooth. Color matching, arc design, smooth and natural lines. The inner bladder is made of high quality 304 stainless steel mirror panel. The indoor sample rack and other accessories are made of stainless steel plate. The design is reasonable and durable.
The equipment at the bottom of a dust blower, dust load flow and vertical circulation, dust can be recycled in order to ensure the test; the service life of the blower, select Taiwan high quality medium pressure blower fan, fan near the other design from dust, dust can be easily replaced at any time;
The sealing door observation window test box is made of toughened glass (window size: 600*700mm), equipped with dust brush; the device itself has good sealing performance, the test can clearly observe the indoor test condition; in order to protect the safety of personnel, the design of a box door protection device, when the box did not shut the door when the device is not start running and alarm.
JC-DF1000 is equipped with a vacuum system, the electronic air flow meter and electronic pressure sensor, vacuum pressure and flow can be displayed and set the display and set the vacuum pressure (negative pressure can be set directly to ensure not to exceed -2KPa); vacuum pump flow control: 60 ~ 600L/H instantaneous flow, cumulative flow;
Pressure relief device: matched filter bag dust filter.
The test hole (left side of the machine) can be connected to the test power line or signal line (aperture 50mm, with cover and soft silica gel plug);
The base is equipped with four adjustable horizontal casters, which are easy to move and fix.
Circuit control system:
Imported 7 inch LCD touch screen control instrument, PLC control can control of dust blower, dust, vibration, vacuum, power, temperature and time; the PC integrated control in PC terminal through the network, remote monitoring;
This controller has following kinds of arbitrary setting control function
A. dust blowing time (stop, blow): continuous, periodic dust blowing, optional time setting
B. vibration time: the motor vibration and stop vibration time automatically alternate: 99H99M99S can be set
C. total test time: the maximum test time is 9999 hours and 59 minutes
D. temperature: Studio dehumidification temperature setting control
E. power on: break through - off time control (configure dust-proof socket)
F. vacuum: vacuum pressure, flow display and can be set (can be directly set negative pressure difference to ensure that not more than -2KPa) and time control
Heating system:
A heating tube is arranged in the circulating air duct to heat the dust to avoid dust condensation, and the heat is safe and stable. The utility model has the timing heating control and is equipped with Schneider to execute the components;
Protection system:
no fuse protection switch;
Leakage, full sheath type connection terminal;
Overall equipment timing, automatic shutdown and other protection.
Equipment condition:
The environmental humidity: less than 85%
• power requirements: AC380 (+ 10%) V/50HZ three-phase five wire system (equipment power supply >3 meters)
• pre installed capacity: about 4KW
Random data and attachments:
Qualification certificate, warranty card and circuit diagram, instruction manual: operation method, precautions, delivery parts, maintenance items.
Standard metal screen
Test talc