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JC-AT050 Ageing oven
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JC-AT050 Appearance:


Product application:
    JC-AT050 motor aging test box is a general test method for simulating GB/T 2951.1-2951.10-1997 cable insulation and sheath materials, as well as the test methods specified by other relevant standards.
Product features:
    JC-AT050 motor aging test box is new, the experimental system structure design advanced and reasonable, manufacturing process specifications, for self-developed products, products with independent intellectual property rights, the appearance of beautiful and generous.
The main functions of the JC-AT050 components are used the world famous brand configuration (high gold content), technology principle, advanced and reliable noise and energy saving optimal control performance with similar foreign products grate the United states.
Supporting and assembling components matching, the main function components are imported with the international advanced level, to improve the security and reliability of the product, can guarantee the user requirements of long time and high frequency.
    JC-AT050 motor aging test box has good operation, maintenance, good temperature stability and durability, good safety performance, no pollution of the environment and harm to human health.
All the wires in the control cabinet have special equipment to print the serial number and serial number. The line is clear and clear at a glance.
Structural design:
JC-AT050 motor aging test box is made of high quality material. It is processed and formed by using the most advanced processing equipment in China. The surface of the shell is sprayed with plastics, and it is beautiful and smooth. Color matching, smooth lines. The liner is made of imported high quality stainless steel plate. Indoor samples, racks, clamps and tubes and other accessories are made of stainless steel, which is not easily decomposed by ozone, and affects the concentration of ozone.
The sample rack can rotate at 360 degrees, the speed can be adjusted, the rotation can be stretched up and down, and the frequency 0.5HZ can be adjusted.
    The observation window adopts multilayer hollow toughened glass, and the inner glued type conductive film has the advantages of transparency, heat insulation, uneasy generation of steam, frosting, etc..
The interlayer between the inner liner and the outer shell of the equipment is filled with high-density glass fiber cotton, so that the box body can not be transmitted by the temperature
Lead to excessive temperature fluctuations, so that the sample temperature in the test process has remained constant.
The equipment uses a long axis fan motor to stir the high temperature and low temperature stainless steel multi blade impeller, so as to achieve the strength of convection vertical diffusion cycle, so that the temperature in the laboratory is even and stable.
A double layer high temperature resistant sealing strip is adopted between the door and the box body of the box body, so as to ensure the tightness of the test area. With no reaction door handle, it is easier to operate. The bottom of the machine is equipped with high quality casters, which can move and fix the machine conveniently.
Heating and humidifying system:
1. heating adopts far infrared nickel chromium alloy high speed heating electric heating wire;
2. water level automatic compensation, water shortage alarm system;
3. use of far infrared stainless steel, high temperature heating electric heating tube;
4. temperature and humidity control using P. I. D + S. S. R, system coordinated control of the same channel;
5. temperature and humidity control output power by microcomputer calculation, to high precision and high efficiency of electricity efficiency.
Refrigeration unit:
Refrigeration: mechanical refrigeration;
    Condensing mode: forced air cooling;
    refrigerant: environmentally friendly;
    The whole system for ventilation pipeline pressure test leak 48H;
    Heating and cooling system is completely independent;
    Internal spiral type refrigerant copper pipe;
    Slope type evaporator;dry filter, coolant flow window, oil separator, solenoid valve, liquid storage tank are imported original parts;
    Dehumidification system: using evaporator coil, dew point temperature, laminar flow contact dehumidification method;
Protection system:
    Overall equipment overtemperature;
    Whole equipment phase / phase reversal;
    Overall equipment overload;
    Overall equipment timing: time controller control the time required for testing, simple operation. When the device runs to the set time, the test is stopped automatically.
    Water shortage protection
    Compressor over pressure protection
    Other leakage, operation instructions, failure alarm, automatic stop and other protection.