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JC-DPS160 DC power supply
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Device overview:
      The bidirectional DC test power supply is specially developed for the motor controller, drive motor and vehicle test of the new energy electric vehicle industry. Using PWM four quadrant rectifier, bidirectional BUCK converter, numeric control and other core technology development, has the bidirectional flow of energy, 100% energy feedback, high precision, fast transient response, high conversion efficiency, low pollution to the grid, the communication interface is rich, powerful protection and other major features.
       It is suitable for the early stage development, the latter type test, the reliability test and the product line test of the electric motor and its controller, the electric automobile powertrain system and other fields.
       Meet the national standard "motor drive system _ first part: GB/T18488.1-2015- electric vehicle technical conditions"; "driving motor system _ second part GB/T18488.2-2015-: Test methods for electric vehicles"; "GB/T29307-2012" test method of electric vehicle driving motor system reliability test project using the power requirements.

Principle introduction:

      The core circuit of bidirectional DC power supply feedback test machine is composed of two parts: PWM bidirectional rectifier circuit and DC/DC, can provide the DC power supply is stable and adjustable for motor and controller in the types, performance and durability test, can also be speeding experiment in motor back EMF energy feedback power grid.

Reference standard:

GB/T 18488.1-2015 electric vehicle drive motor system first parts: technical conditions

GB/T 18488.2-2015 electric vehicle drive motor system second parts: experimental methods

Test method for system reliability of drive motors for GB/T 29307-2012 electric vehicles

GB/T 21560.3-2008 low voltage direct current power supply third parts: electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

GB/T 21560.6-2008 low voltage DC power supply sixth parts: evaluation of low-voltage DC power performance requirements Compatibility and interference prevention measures of GB/T10236-2006 semiconductor converter and power supply system

General requirements for IEC60146-1-1-2000 semiconductor converters and grid commutated converters

GB/T 12325-2008, power quality, power supply, allowable deviation

GB/T 14549-1993, power quality, public power grid harmonic

GB/T 15543-2008 power quality three-phase voltage unbalance

GB/T 15945-2008, power quality, power system, frequency deviation

GB/Z18039.1 -2000 electromagnetic compatibility environment electromagnetic environment classification

GB/T 24337-2009 power quality inter grid harmonics

Code for design of electrical measuring instruments for GB/T 50063-2008 power installations

Product features:

(1) using four quadrant control technology, two-way flow of energy within the full power range, the reverse current can be fed back to the power grid in the test of the electric vehicle motor, saving energy and high efficiency.

(2) various output modes with constant voltage, constant current and constant power.

(3) rapid transient response, less than 5ms.

(4) adopting high speed digital control technology, the output accuracy reaches 0.1%.

(5) adopt PWM rectification technology, power factor >0.99, input harmonic <3%, efficiency is greater than 93%.

(6) using seven inch touch screen, easy to operate and display.

(7) it has many kinds of communication interfaces, which can realize remote operation, unattended operation and embedded test system.

(8) internal devices adopt LEM, Infineon and other international brands, equipment reliability is high.

(9) modular design is adopted, and the equipment is easy to maintain in the later stage.

(10) adopt integral heat dissipation channel design, low temperature rise, high operation reliability and long service life.

Manufacturing specification:

    JC-DPS160 series bi-directional DC power supply is manufactured and installed in accordance with GB7251., 1-1997, GB7251., 3-1997, GB50171-1992, GB/T3797-89 and other relevant national and industrial standards. All electrical components, accessories, parts and wires in the JC-DPS160 series are installed neatly and firmly. The installation distance of each electrical component conforms to the standard of each component itself, and meets the requirements of operation, repair and repair. The wiring between the electrical components is neat and beautiful.

    The phase sequence and the color code of the main circuit connector meet the requirements of the relevant national standards.

Standard for design and manufacture of cabinets:

    The structure of the cabinet is one type welded skeleton + internal mounting accessory + peripheral side plate and door panel.

Chassis frame for the bottom of channel steel and 3.0mm quality cold-rolled steel column welding, the installation of internal accessories for 2 - 3.0mm galvanized sheet and aluminum coated zinc plate, the outer side panels and door panels for 2.0mm quality cold-rolled steel plate. The surface of cabinet is sprayed with plastic, and the protection level of cabinet meets IP21.

Identification and packaging:

(1) with product nameplate, clear identification of the product parameters.

(2) with warning mark, to ensure the safety of operator operation.

(3) it has wiring and operation mark, so that operators can use products faster and more safely.

    The products are packed in separate wooden cases. Fill the gap in the packing box with buffer material to ensure the safety of equipment transportation. Packing conforms to GB/T 13384-2008 regulation.

The package contains the following technical materials and articles:

Packing list;

Operation manual;

Factory inspection report and product qualification certificate;

Spare parts according to the contract.

Installation debugging:

    Due to the limitation of the volume and weight of JC-DPS160 series bi-directional DC power supply, the installation and operation will be special, and the product should be put in place after being delivered to the site. The product delivered to the site and have the installation conditions, notify Shanghai Jie Chen for the installation and debugging of the products. Upon receipt of the formal notification, we will provide professional personnel to assist in the installation and commissioning of the products. Communicate with each other, arrange the time and debug the notes carefully.

    After the product has been installed and debugged, it can provide free operation and maintenance training (only domestic) as required. The specific training time and training personnel will be decided by both sides.