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JC-TCU200Transmission Control Unit:

The structure of JC-TCU200:
       JC-TCU200 consists of singlechip, detection circuit, drive circuit, power circuit, communication circuit and so on.
       The measurement of analog quantity is mainly composed of filter circuit and amplifying circuit. A/D conversion is a single chip microcomputer with 10 bit A/D converter. The transmission ratio control is driven by a direct current motor. In JC-TCU200, H is composed of 4 MOSFET circuits to realize the positive and negative PWM control of the motor. The current of the electromagnetic clutch is also driven by the MOSFET. In the driving circuit, besides the main switch component and the freewheeling diode, there are protection circuit and current detecting circuit.
      The function of communication interface is to observe the working state of JC-TCU200, to analyze the fault of sensor and to share sensor resource.

Main program block diagram of JC-TCU200:
        The main program block diagram of the JC-TCU200 is shown below. The program allocates the internal RAM first, and then initializes each function module into the Administrator/D converter, timer, PWM waveform generator and so on. Transmission ratio should be at the minimum ratio of the position in the car every time, so in parking should be gearbox homing, car starting after the first detection of various parameters, such as gear switch, engine speed, solar term door opening, gearbox input and output shaft speed. These parameters are the basis for controlling the electromagnetic clutch current and the motor status. When the transmission ratio needs to be increased, the TCU controls the motor to turn, and conversely, the motor is reversed. The electromagnetic clutch is controlled by the method of current increment. Its control is good or bad, and it directly affects the stability and economy of vehicle operation.

        JC-TCU200 series to meet the automotive gear selection function, the optimal shift process of automatic control functions, operator error avoidance and warning function, start self-learning control function, fault mode function, automatic control function of retarder limp and safety protection function. Power transmission system integrated control, no clutch shift control function, mode switching coordination control function, hybrid power system optimum gear position calculation function.

       Shanghai Jie Chen for many years has been committed to the development of TCU in vehicle for domestic manufacturers, and through the actual project development, to help customers develop technical team.

JC-TCU200 features as follows:

• standards, specifications, and mature V model development processes;

• for AMT, AT and other structures of transmission have mature programs;

Dynamic coordination control technology for new energy vehicles;

• self learning control technology for clutch sliding;

• fault diagnosis capabilities for controller product development;

• multi loop testing methods based on MIL, HIL, and actual platforms;

• the development process is open to customers and provides detailed team training and personnel training programs for customer situations.